About Tony Conrad

Hi! I’m Tony… and I’d like to invite you into my kitchen. It’s where I make meals for my family… including my wife of over 20 years and our two teenage daughters.

I’m a self-taught, home chef from Central Iowa that specializes in air frying, crock-pot cooking, grilling, and smoking.

My cooking style is to read a bunch of recipes and then borrow parts from each combining them into a dish I know my family will love. “Winging it” is something I do often in my kitchen… working with whatever we have on hand. It’s also why I’m not a good baker. I leave the baking to my wife and daughters.

We’re a busy family so meal planning and prep are keys to keeping us all fed with quick, delicious, and nutritious meals. It’s also why I have really taken an interest in cooking with air fryers. I currently have two; a Cosori 5.8Qt air fryer and a Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven.